Buy Local From Trusted Connecticut Farmers

Trusted Farmers

The words “native” and “Connecticut Grown” are signature names for quality produce that has been planted and harvested from a farm or orchard located within Connecticut’s borders. This unique badge of quality means the fresh food we sell has often been sourced from a farm fewer than 20 miles away, and no more than 48 hours earlier. 

Native or Connecticut Grown food also means that fresh food has not traveled by truck, train, or ship. When you purchase Connecticut grown produce from trusted local farmers, you buy the freshest, most nutrient-dense food.

By working with trusted Connecticut farmers, we also have control over the sanitation process. The produce we sell has been graded, sanitized, and packed in a sanitary environment for everyone’s safety.

Why We Work with Trusted Farmers

A tray of fresh tomatoes being sanitized at Brass City Regional Food Hub in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Our Trusted Farmers meet rigorous food safety protocols and are regularly subjected to food safety, quality control and food sanitation assessments. Brass City Harvest works extensively with our farmers and we visit their farms regularly. All on-farm and post-harvest operations meet our standards, which means you receive the highest quality produce.

When we support local farmers, it lays the foundation for a strong community. Farmers are the backbone of the community and caretakers of the land. Farmers reinvest into the community, and their continued operation is critical to the preservation of our state’s natural resources.

We have partnered with family farms of all sizes and worked within those farm networks to become part of the process of mutual support. For instance, a small creamery will take milk from a variety of very small dairy farms to make new products such as yogurt and cheese. Otherwise, that milk would be wasted. 

Similarly, some small family farms have limited or specialty crop production but their products are nonetheless invaluable to consumers or can be used in creating new food products such as sauces and salsas. 

Farmers are not only guaranteed fast and fair compensation for their produce, but by working with the Brass City Regional Food Hub, they have the opportunity to sell to new consumers, wholesalers and other end users. This synergy creates an incubator for micro-businesses.

Interested in becoming one of our trusted farmers?

Bottled marinara sauce and salsa from Gresczyk Farms in New Hartford, Connecticut.